Cloud based HRM System

Automate your manual process, Increase productivity and save cost, Affordable HR solution for any small to medium business.

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The Most sophisticated HRM with rich functionalities

The Most Affordable Cloud HRM You Been Waiting

Manage Employee Attendance & Leaves

Monitor staff attendance; manage leaves from anywhere in the world.

Smart Reporting

Monitor key matrices about your work force and make better decisions.


Create and manage roster more efficiently. System will show any mistakes and review/approve roster from anywhere in the world.

Mobile App

HR systems shouldn’t tie into a desk. Our free mobile app allows you to access HR system from anywhere in the world.


Do Salary calculations and pay slip generations in ease. Connected with your favorite accounting packages.

Performance Management

Our performance management improves employee productivity, boosts profitability and engagement through continuous feedback.


A disciplinary system that helps managers to take progressive steps toward helping employees improving their performance or attitude.

Employee Records

Manage all employee records from a central location with secure access across the business.


Manual or dropbox backups allow you to download any important data or report.

All your employee information in one place

For your favorite platform

The world’s most affordable small business HR software

We automate your HR process where you can concentrate on your business.

Real insights in Real time

We do all the heavy lifting and you can enjoy better control on your staff.

Make better decisions

Stay top on your game with advanced features that only available for big companies.

Increase productivity

Highly engaged companies have 30% lesser sick leaves and 28% higher productivity.

We assure our clients the best solutions

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Fexcon is committed to delivering the finest of today's cutting edge IT solutions. We offer efficient and effective solutions for mobile and web software application markets. Our foremost aspiration is the success of our customers and we are genuinely passionate about improving our clients' businesses with the best software solutions for mobile, social media & web platforms.

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Partnership and collaboration are integral to the Fexcon work ethic. We believe that the best results are achieved by bringing together talented people with complementary expertise and experiences and that this style of working will always facilitate the most innovative solution.

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